**New guidance from theΒ Welsh Government states from MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER it is COMPULSORY for allΒ people 12 years old and above to wear face coverings in an indoor setting.**

Please ensure you adhere to the new Government regulations before booking.

2020 sucks! Treat yo self!!! With our award winning pizza! (I did make the awards myself but seriously it's good pizza)πŸ•πŸ•πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ https://t.co/hfvEZrrZep laserzoneltd photo

The only game where the 2m rule is an advantage! https://t.co/ULWb2p3Y7Y laserzoneltd photo

Kids are a wonderful gift... that don't stop talking so if you're like me an extra hour on a Sunday of peace and quiet is very welcome!! Luckily KidZone starts back Sunday 13th September 10am-11am. https://t.co/y9GDIfe7ph laserzoneltd photo

We've finally sorted the online booking system!!! Go to https://t.co/b61pUpx2sG to book online. P.S. if you find a problem can we pretend it's not there... https://t.co/Zejef2Bcfr laserzoneltd photo